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What made me genetically? How am I doing today? What can happen in the future?

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Graphen Whole Genome Analysis

Do you want to know yourself? What does your blueprint say about you? Graphen Personal Whole Genome Analytics System analyzes your entire 6.4B genome. It provides your risk likehood of 350+ diseases in 10 major categories:

  • Tumor
  • Cardiovascular and Immunity Diseases
  • Respiratory System Disorder
  • Digestive System and Metabolic Disorder
  • Eye, Ear and Mastoid Disorder
  • Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
  • Genitourinary System and Maternal Diseases
  • Skin and Musculoskeletal Disorder
  • Neurological Disorder
  • External Causes and Other Diseases

It provides a comprehensive review of your congenital traits and detailed explanations. Whenever interested in exploring more of yourself, you can download related research papers.

Once in a lifetime, you want to know your whole blueprint!!

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Graphen Omics Analysis

What's going on with my body now?

Germline genome does not decide how your body expresses. Gene expressions do. When genome are turned on or turned off, different protein's saturation appears differently in our body. These proteins are the ones that determine how our cells function.

After knowing your congenital genome, it will be good to know how your body is really functioning now through proteome analysis of up to 16K proteins your body expresses.

Graphen Proteome Analytics System provides you your current status on 100+ diseases in the protein pathways. It gives you a graphical representation on what your protein variations have been impacting your body.

Every now and then, you want to know where you are today!!

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Graphen Predictive Health Analysis

What will I face in the future? What if I live close to the nature and exercise more, will I be more healthy?

It's always hard to predict. Unlike the above two products, Graphen Predictive Health Analytic System is still in its infancy.

We are combining the genomic, proteomic, and environmental analysis, in conjunction with personal Electronic Medical Record, in order to help find what may come next, based on pathway analysis. We utilize Graphen Ardi platform's Machine Learning, Machine Reasoning, and Machine Strategy technologies to help users to analyze various "what-if" scenarios. We've also created a Pathology Analysis System that analyzes the text content of past million reports. Hope our analytic results can help you towards a healthy life.

Let the power of Artificial Intelligence help tell your future risks!!

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Main Researches

COVID-19 Live Monitoring

Graphen is contributing to the worldwide community on the flight with the COVID-19 coronavirus by providing our expertise in genome analysis. Graphen analyzed the variants of each reported whole genome sequencing from more than 100 countries or regions to date and identified the mutations as they spread. With the help of Network Science analytics, the tech company visualizes how the virus propagated, mutated and spread throughout the world and has published its analysis with daily updates.

By understanding the mutation of each virus and locating where those variants are in its near 30,000 genetic locations, Graphen can identify virus' evolution chain, as well as clusters. Such mutation and propagation patterns can help companies better identify targets for drug development, public health prediction on the spreading speed, or even predict the harmfulness of specific variants that may cause symptoms beyond those observed from the original strain.

Graphen COVID-19 Live Monitoring Site


Protein Structure, Interaction and Pathway Prediction

Biology is entering a new digital era.

With the progress of AI technology, 3D protein structure of a gene sequence becomes possible to predict. No matter it's a section of gene in body, from healthy cell or tumor cell, or a mutated virus, such technology can potentially predict how the protein functions. It may guide drug development and may provide insight on how disease would progress.

Graphen is devoted herself to scientific front challenges.


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